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As a recipient of multiple regional Company of the Year awards over the years from APICS (the American Production and Inventory Control Society, frequently known as the association for supply chain management) we are long-time boosters of their educational programs, in particular the series of five lengthy classes that leads to the CPIM (Certified in Production & Inventory Management) designation.  Over the years, many of our employees have taken their classes and earned the CPIM designation.

In the most recent of APICS Magazine, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals is cited for its award-winning responsiveness enabled by improvements it made to its global supply chain.  And in several of the examples given, employees and managers there give proper credit to the CPIM training they utilized to accomplish their goals.

Mallinckrodt, a global specialty pharmaceuticals company that manufactures both generic and specialty drugs across a number of product lines, recently logged tremendous improvements in supply chain transformation through initiatives that were executed by staff with a deep understanding of what it takes to make a supply chain work – knowledge in large part gained through involvement with APICS and completion of their CPIM designation.

In Mallinckrodt’s case (since the full story is too lengthy for this brief post), those changes had a major effect on profitability and customer service.  Inventory turns rose by 52%.  Unit fill rate improved by 14%.  That led to a 92% reduction in backorders, and a 97% reduction in maximum single-day backorders, according to a review of their efforts published in the Jan-Mar 2018 issue of APICS Magazine.

Staff at Mallinckrodt repeatedly credited the training they got in the process of earning their CPIM, and the way it helped them understand the elements of supply chain, and then change the culture, gradually, within their own firm.  As one manager said, “This was an important step in my career because it gave me a foundational knowledge to build from.  The common language facilitated communication.”  This person was a recent college grad, didn’t know yet what he wanted to do, but then set his sights on leading the supply chain at his facility.

At Mallinckrodt, even IT staff have earned CPIM, which the parties say, enabled them to more easily translate IT requirements into a language the supply chain team could use.  “When communication improved, so did our results,” noted the Demand Manager.  “The answers to common questions became more powerful,” he adds.

In the end, the team not only “noticed the improvement in our internal metrics, but also received numerous accolades from customers through both supplier scorecards and formal awards received from our consistent delivery experience.”

And it was all because of CPIM and the desire to learn and grow into their supply chain responsibilities.  What better reason not to look into the APCIS CPIM designation at one’s own firm today?


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