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We don’t generally use our blog to “promote” the products we sell, but we thought it worth reprising a few highlights from the new release of TIW’s ALERE accounting and manufacturing software system.  We’ve be a TIW reseller for over 20 years, and they recently announced version 12 of their software – a full-fledged manufacturing accounting system for the small to medium size business.

ALERE functionality covers a broad range, including Accounting, Manufacturing, Mobility and automated Data Acquisition.  We’ve long considered it to be one of the premier manufacturing packages available in the market today for the small to midsize business (say a few million up to $100 million plus in revenues), with a robust suite of manufacturing and accounting modules.

For our many current users of ALERE, as a customer courtesy we provide the most recent updates as recently announced by TIW itself, below:

The release of ALERE Business Applications v12 will bring both new features and enhancements to existing modules into the fold. A few of the more notable additions…

Credit Card Processing: A credit card processing gateway will be built in. ALERE will utilize the Authorize.net gateway by default for transactions which still allows the use of your choice of merchant account. Processing will be handled through AR/Cash receipts as if it were another transaction.

64bit Office Support: A mechanism has been added to ALERE which allows it to export information in a manner which may be read by 64 bit versions of Excel. Additionally, an option has been added to control the launch of Excel.

InTouch Module (ALERE’S integrated contact manager): A number of enhancements and interface changes have been made to InTouch. The interface will be getting a more streamlined look, condensing down email chains to a blog style interface. The controls which handle the interface with Outlook have also been rewritten in order increase speed. Finally, InTouch will enable markup allowing graphics and general dress-up of content to be passed through to emails.

Commission Module. The Commission module is undergoing an overhaul to add a significant number of options which add further flexibility to the manner by which commissions are calculated and distributed. Notably, the upgrade will allow for both the combination of rules and split commissions.

TIW has announced that they will be releasing more information as the shipment date approaches.



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